Our mission is to creating platforms for sharing of knowledge amongst Payroll professionals and make it collectively accessible and useful to world’s professionals and Employees.

Everyone have a keen interest in learning new things about whatever technology using at work and then sharing knowledge and experiences with colleague. As we know that Knowledge Sharing is the Learning, Learning is the Knowledge Sharing. We, at iptm (institute of Payroll Training-website: www.iptm.org.in), shared this belief from within and hence ventured on creating platforms for sharing of knowledge amongst professionals. Thus was launched PayrollPedia, an interactive platform for payroll Professionals, Taxpayers, employees & public in the spring of February 2007.

There is so much more to knowledge-sharing than building a personal brand so shared it on this platform if you thought it might be useful?


Initially it was a site meant for knowledge sharing among Payroll professionals but later with its gaining popularity it spread its wings amongst the whole finance & Tax professionals community.

Ajit K. Yadav, Blogger

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