Career in Payroll Management : Payroll Survey by IPTM

Payroll Learning Age Group is 25 Years to 34 Years in India, in which 89% Male and 11% are Female.

According to latest survey of IPTM, refer to YouTube Watch analysis reports and IPTM official website survey, following are result declared.

Question: What is the age group of Payroll Learners in India?

Answer: Younger students are moving in to Payroll Industry in India , there age group between 25 – 34 years old. more than 90% people are below 30 years age who are joining IPTM Payroll Training Program.

Question: What is the Male and Female ratio in Payroll Training?

Answer: In India, 89% Males in Payroll and 11% are Female. but IPTM learning center reports is different. Joining % of Female Student is 60% and 40% are male students from 2015 to 2019.