Due Date Compliances Calendar For January 2020

Statutory compliance’s dues date calendar issued by Payroll Pedia for January 2020. Below are list of last dates Act wise:

Date (by when) Applicable Act Details of Compliance
07-Jan-20 TAX DEPOSIT Monthly Deposit Tax Contribution
15-Jan-20 ESIC Monthly deposit ESIC Contribution
15-Jan-20 PROVIDENT FUND Monthly deposit PF Contribution
15-Jan-20 Factories Act Yearly Return
15-Jan-20 Factories Act Half Yearly Return
30-Jan-20 Employment Exchange Quarterly Return
30-Jan-20 Contract Labour (R & A) Act Half yearly return by the contractor
31-Jan-20 Esic Annual information about factory/establishment covered
31-Jan-20 S&E Annual Return In Bangalore Yearly Return
31-Jan-20 S&E Annual Return In Chennai Yearly Return
31-Jan-20 S&E Half Yearly Return In Chennai Half Yearly Return
31-Jan-20 Tamil Nadu Industrial Establishment Act (National And Festival Holidays) Rules 1959 In Chennai Yearly Return
31-Jan-20 The Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace Annual Return
31-Jan-20 TDS 24Q 3rd Quarter return  Quarter return 
20-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX Karnataka (Bangalore) [Monthly]
10-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) [Monthly]
21-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX West Bengal (Kolkata) [Monthly]
31-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX Maharashtra (Mumbai) [Monthly]
15-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX Gujarat (Ahmedabad) [Monthly]
31-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX Orissa (Monthly)
10-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX Madhya Pradesh (Indore) (Monthly Salary)
31-Jan-20  PROFESSIONAL TAX Guwahati (Assam) (Monthly)
31-Jan-20 LWF Andhra Pradesh
31-Jan-20 LWF Telangana
31-Jan-20 LWF Chattisgarh
31-Jan-20 LWF Goa
15-Jan-20 LWF Gujarat
31-Jan-20 LWF Haryana
15-Jan-20 LWF Karnataka
15-Jan-20 LWF Kerala
31-Jan-20 LWF Madhya Pradesh
15-Jan-20 LWF Maharastra
15-Jan-20 LWF New Delhi
15-Jan-20 LWF Punjab
15-Jan-20 LWF Chandigarh
31-Jan-20 LWF Tamil Nadu
15-Jan-20 LWF West Bengal