Payment of wages (Uttar Pradesh Amendment ) Act,2017

Payment of wages Act,1936 is amended in its application to Uttar Pradesh after receiving assent of the president on January 10,2018 and published in the UP Gazette dated 29th January,2018 with the name of Payment of Wages (Uttar Pradesh Amendment Act, 2017) which states-


The Payment of wages Act, 1936 is a Central Government Act but states can frame their rules under it. UP Government has modified the rules to affect the payment of wages only by cheque or bank transfer.


“Each employer of industrial or any other establishment shall pay wages to his employees through Bank cheque or National Electronic Fund Transfer or Electronic clearing Service System into the Bank account.


The cash payment of the earned wages requested by the employee can be done to them not exceeding Five thousand during a period of three months, provided the employee requests in writing and provide a self-attested Aadhar card.


A sub section 20-A is inserted for composition of offences above the fine or with imprisonment upto six months or with both committed under this Act for a sum of fifty per cent of the maximum fine provided for such offence.  Get the latest updates, subscribe this blog and stay update.