Revised Minimum Wages in Delhi 2018

The minimum wages in Delhi have been revised with effect from 1st April 2018.

The Minimum Wage is a payment which is given to the employees/workers for the work they have done. It may vary based on the experience and type of work. The minimum wage is generally calculated on the basis of number of hours worked. It can either be paid on daily basis after the completion of work or together for all the working hours in a month. In this post we are sharing the Delhi minimum wages 2018 list which is officially given by the Labour Department of Delhi in their notification.


S.NO CATEGORY OF WORKERS Rates as on 01.04.2018 Dearness Allowance (pm) w.e.f 01.04.2018 Rates from (Rupees) 01.04.2018
Per-Month Per -Day
1 Un-skilled 13584.00 312.00 13896.00 534.00
2 Semi – skilled 14958.00 338.00 15296.00 588.00
3 Skilled 16468.00 390.00 16858.00 648.00
For Clerical & Supervisory Staffs
S.NO CATEGORY OF WORKERS Rates as on 01.04.2017 Dearness Allowance (pm) w.e.f 01.04.2017 Rates from (Rupees) 01.04.2018
Per-Month Per-Day
1 Non matriculates 14958.00 338.00 1596.00 588.00
2 Matriculates but not Graduates 16468.00 390.00 16858.00 648.00
3 Graduates and above 17916.00 416.00 18332.00 705.00


Click here to download the official notification: Revised Minimum Wages in Delhi


Minimum Wages Delhi
Minimum Wages Delhi