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Excel Sheet Password Breaker,
Export Email from Outlook to Excel,
Get Comments to in cell text and text to comments in excel,
Move any type files in any folder as per excel data,
Save a sheet back-up automatic when you want,
Export Excel data in to HTML,
Convert any date or Time Zone to another Timezone,
Send mails from excel through outlook with separate or common attachment (s),
Bulk Email Validation In Vba Excel,
PDF Merger – Merge unlimited PDFs in one pdf file automatic,
Net in-hand automatic salary calculator in excel,
Merge excel files data in one sheet from multiple files automatic,
Set password in PDF files as per excel database separately with master password,
Rename or get all list of files from a folder and change the name as per sheet data automatic,
Excel formula to Get Numeric From alphabet Cells,
Payroll and CTC calculation as per Indian rules with all features along with payslip automatic,
Separate data from sheet in separate sheets or files,
Convertor for jpg,png data in excel or PDF,
Images file convert in PDF file,
Attendance system in Excel for local drive for unlimited users,
Language converter – translate any language excel data in English by formula,
Protect or Unprotect All Files In A Folder automatic as per sheet data,
Create PDF from word using mail merge from excel automatic,
VBA Project Password Breaker,
Export HTML data in to Excel,
Generate unlimited website pages automatic from excel