Merge Part A and Part B of Form 16 in Excel


I believe, You are searching a free tool which can merge or combine Part A and Part B in 1 PDF in automation process. if yes, you are at right place.

As per Income tax India Form 16 TDS Certificate Part A should be download and convert from Trace website ( and Employer have to prepare Part B of Form 16. Both Should be Merged in One PDF for digital signature process.

Every Employee or professionals are looking a tools which can help in this process. Three are many software available in market / google search to do the same but they are paid.

But, trust me you can Merge any two more pdfs in 1 pdf in excel sheet without any wasting money in very simple way and fast.

I have developed a Excel sheet which can use N numbers of times and you can merge 2 different folders PDF files in 1 PDF as per your customization.

You can download this sheet from www.99Excel.Com and watch the below video to learn tutorial.

Direct Link to download sheet:


Kumar Ajit